You will be pleased to know that…

…right now is a super healthy time for your heart. In the spring you tend to keep more hydrated, which makes your blood thinner and easier to pump; you are more active, which keeps arteries healthy; event the higher temperatures expand your blood vessels, helping to lower your blood pressure. When your heart is strong it aids your fitness, stamina and general enjoyment of life, which is important at any age, but more so as we get older.

Having Said this, we Women don´t always think about our hearts as a top health priority and, according to a recent Australian Study, even doctors don´t always automatically screen Women for heart disease risk factors. Your Doctor and certain pharmacies, can assess your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your heart´s feeling fantastic.

Love your body love your heart

It is been shown that thinking good thoughts about your body improves the health of your heart. Exactly why is not known, but it might be because if you think positively about yourself, you are more likely to treat your body well, say researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. However, instead of repeating affirmations to help you love how you look, embrace the appreciation of things your body can do.

Lovely top tips

Each day list three ways your body has served you well. Maybe a new yoga pose made you feel strong? Perhaps it walked you to your best friends house for a fun night together? Or you might simply appreciate it for being healthy and resilient.

Do you need support in hearts matters?….wherever you are… is there for you!!!!


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